Sunday, October 30, 2011

Autumn Colours and Halloween

As we are here in Charlotte, it has been wonderful to see the Autumn colours. Living on a small South Pacific Island, you forget about the in between seasons of Spring and Autumn, but they really are the two most wonderful for photographs and colours. I only have my cheap  point and shoot with me as this is not a photographic holiday, but still it captures the rich golds and yellows of the trees.

Seeing how much Halloween is celebrated here always amazes me, I wonder if the UK also does this now. The only time I remember Halloween as a child was the one time my parents threw a party for my brother and I. My dad the ever trickster, claimed to have put marshmallows on string and we blindfolded had to pick them off.  Sounds like a wonderful family game, however half the items on the string were in fact cotton wall balls!!! Nice one dad, memories are made to last.

A house down the street in Charlotte gets ready for the Halloween Celebrations

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