Saturday, August 4, 2012

Weather for June

records below normal rainfall and lowest temperature of 15.6C brrr, however we are also showing warmer day time temperatures. Here is the full paper and outlook for the next 3 months.

Ocean temperatures are currently 26.2C according to my thermometer.

As mentioned in previous posts we have not had a good rainfall in over 6 weeks, most of the water collected in Vava'u is from rain both directly into tanks built under or next to houses but also to replenish the water tables located in the limestone islands. Rainfall outlook can be seen here.

The winter months here are known as the "Dry season" however normally we always get some rain during this time, October is the month where our spring/summer formally arrives and brings hotter and wetter weather. This report shows the an El Nino pattern could potentially come to Tonga as well as backed up with meteorological data from NOAA as seen here.

The trade winds have been extremely light this year which brings the cooler air temps normally. Thought this report says that night time temperature were lower in June and they were through July, however the last week has been warmer and stickier.  Lets hope that we get some cooler temperatures through and cool the air temperature down.
Deforestation and then drought is causing huge implications for islands.

Whales and August.....................

This week we saw the beginning of August and were still blessed with relatively good weather and good whales. The island is in need of some good rainfall as we are now reaching 7 weeks without  rain and our garden is dry and water tanks all over the island are echoing.

The week brought lots of surface activity with some brief swims and for now it seems the whales are still on the move, we are hoping to have some of the larger males singing as the waters have been eerily quiet so far. The couples that are here are sedate with little rowdy and competition action so far.
Female doing upside down tail slaps, on underwater viewing the female appeared to have lots of old skin

Calf decided to imitate the behaviour.
Two fluke id's were collected of which one the female seen in these pictures with her calf was identified in 2009. The other fluke id seen below was of an adult in a pair, however as if yet has not been matched in the catalog.

Fluke id of adult pair

Breaching was a major activity this week.

The surface activity was very good, and the in water encounters gave people a glimpse of a whales life underwater.

Its always hard for people to understand that we are trying to fit in with the whales behaviour and that the whales do not get excited about the fact that people have come here to swim with them. Sadly some operators do not help to create a realistic and natural encounter, forcing whales into swims and ignoring behavioural traits of the whales. 

Right now its Sunday and the island has a sleepy day, the whales have a rest and our staff get a family day.