Friday, October 14, 2011

Season Wrap Up....

Yesterday was our last day with the whales, we always have a season start date and end date, this can be changed but when the numbers of whales decrease significantly, we call it a day. What a way to end though, a 23 minute swim with a mother and calf on the surface is amazing however the second swim was 1 hr 10 minutes long, giving us maximum time limit.

Its always sad when the whales leave here, there journey to the feeding grounds of Antarctica is filled with stress, predators and rough weather. Hopefully the whales will not be affected by the oil spill off the coast of NZ, a tragic tale of events affecting a wide range of animals.

Here is just a glimpse of some of our adventures during the season, right now I have three VEPA reports to finish, and then its on to finalising the data we collected this year and sending it off to the collective researchers.

Malo lahi to the whales for another wonderful season......

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