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Thanks for visiting our site and following our stories and adventures.

Paul and I have both worked and traveled extensively over the last 13-17 years (well Paul is a little older than me!), we met in Palau in 2002 and have worked together as a couple since, we got married in 2008 in Las Vegas.

Currently we own a dive business called Dive Vava'u in Kingdom of Tonga, where we have lived for 6 years. During the last 6 years running the business has taken us away from our photography and travels, but now instead of putting it further back we have a renewed our passion and interest.

Paul studied marine biology at the East Carolina University and I studied Wildlife management and Zoology through Australia. Our love for the environment and nature, enabled us alongside other community members to start up the first conservation NGO called VEPA in Vava'u and Tonga.

We hope that through this website you will enjoy our passions and care for the environment as well as our humour and lives that we lead.

Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you.


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