Sunday, November 13, 2011

New Toy

An earlier post talked about my excitement for travels in February 2012, and now my excitement is at its peak level. As I am here in the US, Paul decided to clue me on on our adventure, so I could do some shopping for necessary items.

To say the least, this is my trip of a lifetime, a combination of culture, history and most importantly nature. So where are we going....... Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Antarctica and Canada. I am getting butterflies just typing in that list!!!

Today, my husband surprised me once more with a new Camera Body for the trip, my D200's though still a good camera are 8 years old and do not have the low light quality that is needed for Antarctica. So, here is my new toy, the Nikon D7000. A great camera with stellar reviews...... Thanks Paul xx

Tomorrow I am going to test out the new body and take some close up macro shots, after seeing the inspiration of the eye shots I just posted on Facebook and will focus on a few subjects that are close at hand here in Charlotte.

I have to say on my return to Tonga soon, if my baby goat will stay still long enough, his eyes will make quite the close up picture.

Anyway, could not help but share some excitement at current times of reflection and family........

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