Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ramble: Time

not something I seem to do well with at the moment, piling again too many projects on and not spending the time I would like to give each one in an effort to get them all done.

So I am slowing down, sorry to those projects that did not make my list for now, you will be in on the next round!! It seems so easy to say, yet hard to do, I see so much that I want to do and that needs to be done I try and take them all at once, however it has meant some of my other passions have failed and faltered and those I need to pick back up and concentrate on because without them the other projects are just not so much fun.

So, I wont be quite going all the way to Tonga time, but somewhere in between, I am just lengthening my shutter speed and enabling myself the time to put more detail into the projects that are on at the present.

Not normally a rambler, but there we go.

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