Sunday, May 13, 2012

Family time

Tonga is very committed to all the family helping with the chores, each member of the family plays their role in the day to day life and settings here. It is nice to see families working together, I grew up with my brother always being with my mum and dad and at their work. It was nice, I think today its too easy to forget that just time together is as important as fun and exciting times.

One Saturday I was at the beach and witness to one family as they were bringing in their pandanus leaves which they use for the weaving of the mats. They place the dried leaves into the shallow ocean waters to naturally bleach them before again drying them and then creating the mats.

These mats are either sold in the local market or sent to a family member for funerals, birthdays and celebrations. Traditionally the sails of the canoes and vessels would also have been woven this way however there are different pandanus trees for these.

It was thoroughly enjoyable watching them separate and string the pandanus leaves, the littlest one of the right became a huge fan of having his photo taken and to much amusement of his sister would just wave at me no matter what.

New pandanus being set for seven days.

I hope her family cooked her a nice mothers day lunch yesterday, its a huge day here as is family day and fathers day, yet to come.

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