Thursday, February 2, 2012

And finally we are off...........

seems for so long I have been waiting for this date and now it is here it does not seem real. We decided to leave Vava'u a day earlier than planned due to some lurking yucky weather. So now we are sitting in Auckland, enjoying the view and the summer temperatures. Tomorrow, off to Santiago and then on to the adventures Paul has planned.

Packing for this trip was interesting with half our time in tropical rainforests and the other half on the ice and snow...... Packing the camera bag was also hard, limiting myself to half the lenses I would loved to have taken I went with the following

2 bodies D7000 and D200

I have also packed Polarising and ND filters and my tripod is strapped to my bag. My husband obviously a lot smarter has 5 lenses his camera body and ipad in a bag that weighs about the same as my one body and lens!!!!

Well, excitement is coming, off to see a movie and have some dinner now whilst we have our first taste of civilization

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