Thursday, January 19, 2012

2012 so far

already over half of January has flown by, we have been keeping ourselves busy though tourism has slowed down in Vava'u for this month, it gives us plenty of time to catch up on everything else and do some much needed projects at the house and finalising work plans for VEPA.

Now just 2 weeks to go till we leave, the excitement is building, I have taken photos from an atlas so we can track exactly where we go, silly I know, but like I said I am excited!

Lots to do before we go, but each busy day brings it one day closer. I am still playing with the D7000 and really love it. So I can not wait to put it into action. I will be posting stories about what we do as often as we are on web.

For now though, back to work, cleaning and getting things done before we go. More to come next week when I have some pictures to share.....

Have a good weekend everyone.

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