Thursday, July 17, 2014

Behind the scenes

is sometimes chaos, trying to find balance between what I love and want to achieve and what is reasonable to other people on the path of conservation. Some days are frustrating when the challenges seem to mount and the expectations appear unrealistic and then the simplest of actions, the smallest of gestures turn everything back on track and the efforts once again provide joy in my daily life.

As someone that has loved, respected and worked with nature for over half my life, I struggle sometimes to adjust to understand those that have seemingly little attachment to the resources and impacts we are having. Feeding and surviving off the resource is one thing but blatantly destroying it is another.

So sometimes I have to reflect on what my goals are and how to achieve them, am I doing this for my own benefit, no, I am doing this because I sincerely believe that people can change when they see a benefit to themselves if not for the sake of the ecosystem and that instead of working against people for the benefit of conservation is to work with them to create better understanding and sharing of knowledge to improve on conservation areas and needs within the island chain.

I do not often write about my work because I am wanting for others to reap the benefits of what we achieve, to give them confidence and skills to continue the efforts for sustainable livelyhoods. We have a great team at VEPA.

I am not looking for likes on Facebook but maybe by writing more about what we are doing and what we are achieving will bring more interest and information to the areas we are working for: conservation of natural resources and improvement on the resources for those whose daily lives depend on them.

I often doubt myself that I am losing my own focus and goals because at times they seem to others extreme, but in the end it is my goals that drive me to make a difference for the environment and through this to benefit others lives.

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