Saturday, December 8, 2012

My calender says.....

Closest Christmas colour flower I could find.
that we are past the first week of December, however here in the sunny South Pacific it never really feels like Christmas is just around the corner.

Christmas decorations are a rare sight here as are Christmas carols on the radio, though all my Northern Hemisphere friends are certainly feeling the cold and getting into the spirit. Facebook is a wonderful tool for sharing pictures over the equator.

It has been a sad and strange fortnight with the loss of 2 friends and it is always a hard time for their families, our thoughts are with them all.

The upcoming weeks will be spent scouring the shops for the arrival of Christmas treats, hopefully some turkeys are on their way.

I was planning on getting out for some photo taking this weekend and managed a little, however the 20 knot winds and hazy sky are not the best for shooting, so I only got a few.

Creepy crawlies with egg sac.

Not able to go anywhere without Nikki close by my side.

So many beautiful sunrises here.

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