Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Spreading the word on whales

one of the highlights to my whale seasons is the arrival of 2 amazing girls, Matilda and Bonnie from Australia. Matilda has been out with us for 2 seasons swimming with an array of whales and witnessing the mating behaviours. Bonnie aged 4 came with us for one day this year and also saw a mating group of 10 Humpbacks and got to listen to a singer.

Matilda last year after her return from her trip with us, held a presentation at her school and passed around a petition to protect the magnificent Blue Whale and to raise awareness about the natural gas plant that is being built.

Bonnie this year held her own presentation on her experiences with the Humpback whales, and told her class mates about how far they travel, how big the calves are and other important facts.

Here are some pictures of them, I am very proud to be their "Aunty Karen" and be included in songs on the boat, as well as animal games. Well done Matilda and Bonnie, can not wait to see you next year. ( Bonnie - "I kissed Bonnie and she liked it" x)

'Ofa'atu from me and the whales of Tonga.

Matilda, stunning!

Matilda and her classmate.

Bonnie (4).


  1. oh!!..what a wonderful story!...ha!..thanks for sharing this Karen..the girls are so pleased to see this..especially the inclusion of the "special songs!"...Tonga and its whales..and its people have had a lasting effect on the girls...and all of us..i am very proud..and will continue to encourage them to take interest..and action to create protect our worlds oceans..and the creatures that call it home!..Malo Aupito Aunty Karen xx..Justine..(mother of Matilda and Bonnie)

  2. Hey Justine,

    Your girls are amazing and that comes from yourself and Troy. I can not wait to turn the tables and come see you for dolphin swims.


  3. xx Thanks Karen!!i cant wait for you guys to come either!...hurry and come!..ha!..the water is beyond freezing at the mo!...feb is best!...xx Malo