Saturday, September 10, 2011

February 2012 - Excitement

Though I am not one to wish time would pass quicker, I can not wait for February next year to come around. Why? Travel, my husband has booked a surprise 6 week trip, focusing on hot and cold climates, nature and culture, water and land. Where are we going? I have no idea yet. The only things I have been told is to pack for everything.

The challenge in that is we live in a tropical setting, the only cold clothes I have are for snowboarding which we tried this year in Utah and loved.

Do I want to know where we are going? No for a person that normally hates surprises, I am enjoying this one. 2011 has been an exceptionally hard year for us personally with us spending many months apart due to Paul's mom's illness. There are more trying months to come before the end of 2011, Paul will be leaving soon to return to Charlotte, as we wrap up the whale season here.

So yes excited I am. Planning what camera gear to take with me, what weather conditions we might come up against, and the building feeling of change and travel again is overwhelming.

Enjoying the snow in Utah February 2011

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